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Author: intrigeri
To: Tails list for early testers
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] Call for testing: Secure Boot, GRUB, and overlayfs

here's a second call for testing about this.

Everything in the initial call for testing (quoted below)
is still valid.

Additionally, this time, we're also particularly interested in test
results from USB sticks installed *with Etcher* from macOS or Windows,
started on:

- computers with an EFI 64-bit firmware, with Secure Boot enabled
- 64-bit computers with an EFI 32-bit firmware, with Secure Boot disabled
- older computers that don't have EFI

intrigeri (2019-12-21):
> our first USB images that support Secure Boot are out!
> Under the hood, they include two major technical changes:
> - switch the boot loader from syslinux to GRUB for EFI boot
> - switch from aufs to overlayfs
> Please consider testing them :)
> Here's how:
> 1. Download the USB image (.img) from

> 2. Install the downloaded USB image to a spare USB stick,
>    using Etcher (Windows, macOS) or GNOME Disks (Linux).

> 3. Start from this USB stick on various computers
>    In particular, we're interested in test results on:

>     - computers configured to start in EFI mode

>     - computers with Secure Boot enabled

>     - Apple computers, especially recent MacBooks where current Tails
>       releases don't start (#17049)

> 4. Do as much exploratory testing as you would like
> 5. Report back success or failure to this public mailing list:
>    tails-testers@???

When reporting results, please tell us:

- whether Secure Boot was enabled on the computer used for the tests
- which application you used to install this experimental Tails image
- from which operating system you installed this experimental Tails image