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Author: intrigeri
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Old-Topics: Re: [Tails-l10n] More reviewers Re: Include languages with 0 reviewed strings
Subject: Re: [Tails-l10n] More reviewers Re: Include languages with 0 reviewed strings

Sandro Knauß (2019-12-11):
> As we already have the translation platform in place, may it makes sense to
> think about to move the translation done via Transifex to Weblate? So the
> language teams don't need to keep two places up-to-date. Sure this would not
> solve the issue at the moment, but may help in the long run...

Agreed. I suggested the same earlier on this thread:

Longer term, I believe our new translation platform¹ is not affected
by this specific problem. So we could solve this by managing
translations for tails.git:po/tails.pot in Weblate instead of
Transifex. I've taken note of this idea on I have no idea how
much work that would take, nor what the drawbacks would be (apart, of
course, of the risk of losing the pool of Transifex translators).

I'm not sure what's the next step. One thing I have in mind is: I'd
like to ensure our Weblate usability/workflow/doc is good enough
before we attempt to migrate to it lots of new translators
from Transifex. I understand that the meeting proposed by ignifugo
would help evaluate the current status and potential blockers.

What do you think?