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Author: 380°
To: aisa.circuli
Subject: [Aisa.circuli] Science, the endless frontier of regulatory capture


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In this paper we explore five recent cases of regulatory capture in
Europe and zoom in on a form of corporate penetration which is based on
a strategic use of the image and legitimacy of science. We examine cases
in which lobbyists present themselves as upholders of science and of
evidence-based policy, intervene directly in the methodological and
ethical aspects of science for policy-making, thus imprinting their own
agenda on the societal functions of science. We propose the existence of
a process whereby private interest ascend an ideal ‘epistemic
ladder’. In this vision, lobbying intervention moves from questioning
the evidence to questioning its legitimacy, all the way to acting as to
create a worldview where not only the evidence, but the very idea of
regulation, become irrelevant or undesirable, other than as a vehicle
for the pursuit of private interest. Caught in this project, science and
its future appear vulnerable.

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