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Author: sajolida
To: Public mailing list about the Tails project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] Preparing the next monthly report
> On 06/03/20 19:40, intrigeri wrote:
> yep, great, I can add this suggestion in the
> ( "handbook"?


> I removed 2 files from the list of the core pages:
> -./install/inc/steps/install_etcher_in_mac.inline.mdwn
> -./install/inc/steps/install_etcher_in_windows.inline.mdwn

That's a bug I introduced in core_po_files.txt, it should be instead:


Fixed in f2f36f1282.

> To publish, I think is quite ok..
> Is missing 2 info about the new restyling of Home and About page. And is
> done!

Yay! Thanks a lot for working on this.

I shortened a bit the "Releases" section, as per the report "handbook".
See 63eb8d0c87.

And published it:

> Documentation and website
> =========================
> "We started the process for a complete redesign of home and about page,
> thanks to the grant of [[ISC project|]].

I discussed with ignifugo in private why not include this just yet :)

> Finished the selection for the person who will do the illustrations to
> explain better how Tails works, and is: [[XXXXXX|Link]].

We already credited Andrés in December:

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