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Author: segfault
To: tails-project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] correctness of future Home and About pages

> These weeks we are working with Andrés on the content and illustrations
> for the future Home and About pages.
> This work started at the last Tails summit in 2018 where we worked on
> identifying the major benefits of using Tails. I already tested and
> improved the content after interviewing 5 people at the IFF with the
> help from Eileen from Simply Secure and did 3 more tests of a second
> iteration last Saturday.
> More improvements are coming, so please don't worry about whether things
> are easy to understand or not: we're working on this already with
> potential users.
> But I also wanted to check with you whether:
> * What I wrote is actually correct. Sometimes we have to find trade-offs
> between simplicity or standard over technical correctness. For
> example, we're switching from "almost any computer" to "any computer"
> on purpose. Or that Tails might be not be theoretically safe from all
> possible viruses ever, but in practice we want it to be. But you might
> be able to catch important bugs in my writing and this week would be a
> good time for that.

Claiming that Tails works on "any computer" is indeed not technically
correct, and I'm afraid that it might cause bad feelings for users who
are not able to install Tails on the device they want to.

Another statement that's not technically correct is "It's impossible to
not encrypt". It is technically possible to store data unencrypted on
the Tails device. But it's hard enough to achieve that I don't think it
can realistically happen by accident. So I'm fine with this simplification.

> * What I wrote is something that we are fine displaying on our website,
> in terms of public relationships, ethics, alignment with our mission
> and values, etc.

I don't see any problems regarding that.