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Author: sajolida
To: Tails list for early testers
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] Manual upgrade from virt-manager [was: Installing a Tails USB Image as Virtual USB Storage in Virt-Manager]
> sajolida:
> Essentially yes, but some extra steps are needed to ensure one actually
> starts from that virtual DVD:
> 1. In "Boot Options", ensure the DVD is listed first (or select
>    "Enable boot menu" and then you can pick the boot device when
>    starting the VM).

> 2. To tell live-boot to use the SquashFS from the DVD, add this boot
>    option:

>      live-media=/dev/sr0

>    This works for a "SCSI CDROM" device. If the virtual DVD reader is
>    plugged into the SATA bus instead, the /dev/sr0 path might need to
>    be adjusted.

Thanks for the additional info! Uhhh, step 2 definitely needs to be
documented on the website. We'll do this in #17187.

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