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Author: 380°
To: aisa.circuli
Subject: [Aisa.circuli] Paris Open Science European Conference (OSEC) - 4, 5 Feb 2022

probabilmente molte di voi lo sanno già ma non ho visto passare in lista
l'annuncio (o me lo sono perso):

«Paris Open Science European Conference (OSEC)»
Friday 4th February and Saturday 5th February 2022
Paris, online


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Friday, 4th February 2022

09:30 am

Conference opening

Patrick FLANDRIN (President of the Académie des sciences)
Antoine PETIT (CEO of the French National Center for Scientific Research)
Claire GIRY (Director General for Research and Innovation,
French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation)

10:30 am

Transparency of Health Research

Keynote: Transparency of Health Research
Isabelle BOUTRON (Cochrane, Inserm, Université de Paris)

How Psychology deals with Open Science. Principles et practices
Ioana CRISTEA (University of Pavia)

Publication and Reporting bias: a long history towards open science
Tianjing LI (University of Colorado)

Concluding keynote: Opening and Transforming Biomedical Research
Ulrich DINARGL (Charité – University of Medicine of Berlin)

02:00 pm

Future of Academic publishing

Keynote: Academic Publishing and Open Science – Where do we stand?
Pierre MOUNIER (OpenEdition/OPERAS)

New forms of publication. Why? How? How far?
Jessica POLKA (ASAPbio)

Academic Publishing and Latin America
Arianna BECERRIL (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Redalyc)

An Action Plan for Diamond Open Access
Johan ROORYCK (Coalition S) et Lidia BORRELL-DAMIAN (Science Europe)

04:00 pm

Research Assessment | session 1/2

Keynote: The Intersections between DORA, Open Scholarship and Equity
Stephen CURRY (Imperial College London and DORA)

Open Science Needs No Martyrs, but We Must Recognize the Need for Reform
Toma SUSI (University of Vienna)

So, are Early Career Researchers the Harbingers of Change?
Cherifa BOUKACEM (University of Lyon 1)

Saturday, 5th February 2022

09:30 am

Research Assessment | session 2/2

Keynote: Research Assessment and Open Science in a Diverse World
Fernanda BEIGEL (National University of Cuyo)

Open Science and Research Assessment. Trends and State of Play in Europe
Pastora MARTINEZ SAMPER (Open University of Catalonia (UOC))

Making Room for Everyone’s Talent
Kim HUIJPEN (Universities of The Netherlands)

Open Science, Research Assessment and HSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)
Emanuel KULCZYCKI (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)

11:00 am

Round table: Research Assessment - Conclusions

Thierry COULHON (President of the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education

Maria LEPTIN (President of the European Research Council (ERC))

Michael MURPHY (President of the European University Association (EUA))

Bert OVERLAET (On behalf of the President of the League of European Research Universities (LERU))

Jean-Eric PAQUET (Director-General of DG Research and Innovation, European Commission)

Marc SCHILTZ (President of Science Europe)

02:00 pm

The Software Pillar of Open Science

Keynote: Building the Software Pillar of Open Science
Roberto Di COSMO (Software Heritage, Inria, University of Paris)

The role of Infrastructures for Softwares in Open Science
Ulrike LUKE (University of Potsdam)

Open Science, Publications and Code

Policies to support Open Source and Open science
Sayeed CHOUDHURY (Johns Hopkins University)

03:00 pm

Open Science Awards Ceremony


Frédérique VIDAL – Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Audrey AZOULAY – UNESCO Director-General (tbc)

Mariya GABRIEL – Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth (tbc)

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Saluti, 380°

380° (Giovanni Biscuolo public alter ego)

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