[ZonaRossa] LED Linear with various installation way from EW…

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Author: cathy_diao
To: zonarossa
Subject: [ZonaRossa] LED Linear with various installation way from EWIN Lighting
Hi Friend,Since all over the world are fighting with COVID -19 ,We are still optimistic all will be recovered very soon if do the correct things like  Wash your hands freqently,Keep your home or office ventilated.Take part in gathering activiting activities as possible,Wear a mask as much as possible during go out,even working in the office, Try to stay at home as you can.We hope to keep a long term relationship with you. and would like to recommend you below products.Also,We think it will be a good choice to check  some samples during the pandemic,in order to do a ready reopened.look forward to hearing from you soon, Best Regards!Cathy