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Author: alienpup
To: intrigeri, Tails list for early testers
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] Call for testing: Secure Boot, GRUB, and overlayfs
intrigeri (2020-02-22):
> Hi alienpup,
> thank you for trying it out!
> alienpup (2019-12-23):
> > The only Windows 10, secure boot capable system immediately
> > available failed to boot this image. Seconds into the boot process,
> > a banner appeared advising "Device Authentication Failed".
> > [...]
> Ouch… "interesting"! I've looked this up online and could find
> no occurrence of this problem.
> I'd like to make sure I understand when exactly this happens.
> Am I guessing right that it happens:
>  - after you've elected to boot from the Tails USB stick
>  - before you see the GRUB bootloader with the Tails logo in the
>    background

> ?
> Also, how did you install our experimental USB image on this USB stick?
> It would be interesting to know if Debian boots on this machine, with
> Secure Boot enabled:
> > The system in question is an HP Spectre laptop. Output of command
> > lspci -nn is attached.
> That's a good start. The output of the following commands would help
> me identify this computer more precisely and look the problem up
> online:
> sudo dmidecode -s system-manufacturer
> sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name
> sudo dmidecode -s system-version


I just tested the latest secure boot .img and it's boots my Compulab Fitlet desktop (secure boot enabled) without issue. \0/

I intend to test a friend's HP Spectre laptop (win10) mid-week and will report.