[Tails-dev] Release schedule for Tails 4.2.2

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Author: intrigeri
To: The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: [Tails-dev] Release schedule for Tails 4.2.2

while testing the emergency 4.2.1 release last week,
thanks to the thoroughness of the release manager (kibi),
a serious bug in our Upgrader was spotted, which lead
to aborting the release process.

I will thus prepare a 4.2.2 release ASAP.
Please consider the stable branch as frozen until 4.2.2 is out.

Here's the tentative release schedule, bearing in mind that I'll sneak
the RM'ing work in between of prior commitments that I can't cancel:

- Monday, January 13: build and publish the images

- Tuesday, January 14: test the images

- publish the release as soon as I can once the previous steps
are done

Manual testers, please let me know privately if you can test the
images tomorrow or on Wednesday.

tails@ and FT folks, we'll need a Trusted Reproducer.
If you volunteer, you must immediately follow the "Preparation"
section of the instructions:

Thanks for your patience.