[Tails-testers] Question about MAT in 4.1

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Author: Nexus Two
To: tails-testers
Subject: [Tails-testers] Question about MAT in 4.1
HiI using Tails from 2.1 version.1Why Mat was disapear form system tools menue bar?If I have for exaple 1000 files in different localization how I need to erase metada from them?Already there is only option ctr+a -> erase metadata but only just folder after foleder and foler...in older version user could define patch to erasing..for each file it was more easier.2Does size of window in Tor browser is random changing his size for each run?There is no communication "do not use full screen"3Could you add i new version some web proxy in last exit nodes? (after 3rd tor exit node)..like 4rd (proxy), because google sites searhing there is no working properly and user can not register on for example gmail because google AI or sites recognize that we are using tor/tails.I know that we can use VPS as a exit proxy at the end or payment by btc:) web proxy but for most user its hard.4Could you add out of the box OpenVpn app? I know that using tails only for most is more secure but some times user want to hide by isp using tails.I know that is ofs4 but despite this, does adding open vpn is wrong idea??just to be installed on.Thank you for resposneP.sCould you give me invite to rise.up? I would like to join to tails community as tester..or idea giver. Thank you that you are and for your hard working.Best RegardsMike