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Author: sajolida
To: Public mailing list about the Tails project
Subject: [Tails-project] Interview with Roberto

Today I published a new interview, which I did in October with an
investigative journalist working on a GlobaLeaks platform in Latin
America, called *Leaks* in the interview.

Roberto has a full-time position in the most tech-savvy organization of
the *Leaks* alliance.

He works in very precarious conditions due to bad hardware.
Running Tails on their dedicated laptop is dead slow and everybody in
the team, including the techies, suspect that it's the hardware but they
don't have the budget or haven't managed to convinced their bosses to
get a better one.

Roberto is extremely patient, dedicated, and conscious about the
importance of digital security. Still, the first thing that he told me
about Tails is that he hates it.

Upgrades came yet again as the #1 complain. Due to their workflow, and
probably bad experiences in the past, upgrades become a complex ritual
that Roberto doesn't know how to do on his own.

Read the full interview with Roberto:


This time I changed the format and preserved the question/answer
structure and first-person direct speech to make it more lively and
faster to share with you.

I also moved them from /blueprint to /contribute as the collection was
growing bigger.

Tickets that I created or updated after this interview:

#17324: Simplify the process of connecting to a Wi-Fi network

#15026: Have a list of recommended hardware

#17325: Make it easier for people to monitor the activity of the network

#17077: Consider replacing the "Applications" menu with a button to the
        "Activities" overview

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