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Author: numbat
To: tails-project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] #8948: Reconsider the terminology around "persistence"
On 03/12/2019 15:13, u wrote:
> Hi!


> On 30.11.19 12:30, sajolida wrote:
>> u:
>> I think that each translation team should maintain a translation
>> glossary for all these more technical terms. This is not specific to the
>> terminology around Persistence and the same applies to MAC spoofing, Tor
>> bridges, proxy, privacy, cookies, etc.
> I agree.
>>> Now, as far as the English term is concerned I feel like "the
>>> Persistence" as a nounification of an adjective might also be something
>>> which obscures technical understanding, as it's basically branding,
>>> like in the examples you gave (Dropbox, Nextcloud). I personally don't
>>> like this much, but I'm happy to be convinced that it works. Hence I
>>> believe that it would be useful to do user testing using the term in the
>>> documentation with native speakers and also people who are not native
>>> speakers but want to run Tails in English and then see how many of them
>>> understand it, with documentation, without documentation, in any other
>>> setting. Is this part of your plan, or do you trust that it will be
>>> understandable per se by people who don't know Tails yet for example?
>> Until now I've tested the future content in English with 5 people who
>> were not native English speakers and had diverse English levels:
>> 1 Catalan, 2 Chinese, 1 Arabic. Saying "persistent storage" or
>> "persistent volume" instead of "Persistence" only would not have made
>> any real difference for any of these people. Cody discussed this with
>> several people both English and non-English native speakers.
>> We'll do more tests once we have mockups of the illustrations and I'll
>> most likely test it again with non-native English speakers.
> I think it would be useful to rethink what meaning we actually want to
> convey.
> I've had a discussion with Enrico about this and we noted that in moving
> from "encrypted persistent storage" to "Persistence", one loses entirely
> the notion of a safe place where one can store files, and is left with
> only the idea of persistence - as opposed to volatile or amnesic. One
> even loses the meaning of the storage here.
> So, in order to convey meaning about what this space actually is, Enrico
> came up with "locker". Which one could extend to "file locker" for
> example. This keeps the meaning of having to use a key to unlock it, and
> makes it clear that files can be stored safely there.
> macOS calls some encrypted storage "File Vault" [1], ansible calls a
> similar place the "vault". Vault means "safe repository".
> Synonyms of vault that I found are: strongroom, safe deposit,
> depository, repository, treasury.
> Synonyms of locker would be (treasure) chest, repository.
> I think these words could also inform the illustrations as they are
> quite visual.

I actually wrote the following and hesitated to send it:

I can't help but wonder about a different path. Could we consider a new
word? Perhaps a word that that describes what it represents rather than
what it is? (Example: Briefcase, it's a portable, personal, contains
documents and can usually be locked.)

So I guess this is a +1 for the idea of an entirely new word more
focused around the concept.