Re: [OpenPGP-applet-devel] openpgp-applet on debian 10

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Author: Clément Hermann
To: openpgp-applet-devel
Subject: Re: [OpenPGP-applet-devel] openpgp-applet on debian 10

On 19/11/2019 09:02, Werner wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to have the same gpg tools as Tails.

Great :)

> I'm on debian 10, i'd installed openpgp-applet with the debian repos, i
> also have TopIcon+ working. But i can't see the applet on my toolbar. I
> can see it running when i check my running procceses with top command.
> Can you tell me what i am missing ?

For TopIcon+ to work properly, you need to use an X11 session and not
Wayland (this last one being the default IIRC).

So the first thing to check is to make sure that you are selecting an
X11 session when starting your session.