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Author: Antonio Bruno
To: forumSEGE, socialtraliguria, forumgenova, forumsociale-ponge
Subject: [NuovoLab] Agora on the Initiative of the Inhabitants of the Earth. The World Identity Card, Lisbon 6-7 March 2020audacia
Dear All, Car* Tutt* , Cher(e)s Toutes et tous, Estimados todos.....
this is to confirm that the official launching at world level of the Initiative "World Identity Card-Inhabitant of the Earth" (WIC-IE) will take place in Lisbon , 6-7 March 2020 on the invitation of the Municipality of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

The Mayor of Lisbon, Dr. Fernando Medina, first made this invitation on the occasion of the Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth (Sezano/Verona Decembre 2018). The invitation has been confirmed a few days ago . We are greatly honoured by his esteem and trust and deeply grateful to him and Lisbon municipal council for the strong support they are giving to the initiative in the spirit of "the audacity in the name of humanity". Our societies need audacity to think and act with the ambition to promote a humanity capable to saveguard, care and promote the right of and to life for all the inhabitants of the Earth (all living species included).

Let me remember a few key points concerning the objectives, the organisation and the preparation of Lisbon Agora.

A.The specific aim is " A call for Joint Action at Global Level by Citizens and local Collectivities. The Initiative World identity Card - Inhabitant of the Earth .
This means that we must be able to bring togheter in Lisbon next March an important number of elected representatives and active inhabitants and citizens organizations/movements from the various continents of the world. You will find in the appendix 1 the state of art as today of the adhesion of municipalites to the Initiative.

B. T he inviting oganisations are
- the world association"Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth. .Audacity in the name of
Humanity", and
- the City of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal
in cooperation with ( other municipalities from Portugal and other countries might be mentioned....)
with the support of ( possibly other public local, national and international institutions and organisations, including foundations) and
with ths sponsorship of ( organisations actively involved with citizenship, local and global cooperation/solidarity, participatory democracy, public commons...)

C. We think that the following groups of persons and communities are the key players to be invited
- Mayors of cities/communes who have already approved their adhesion to the Initiative
- Other interested Mayors
- National and International Association of Mayors/Cities
- Representatives of the various components from the civill society,
in particular youth movements and associations,
- Representatives from the world of local economy, social economy,
the world of cooperatives, mutualism and finance.

Since The City of Lisbon has been declared the 2020 Green European Capital a particular attention will be given to the participation of the above mentioned groups and categories at the european level and within Europe.
D. The preparattory work of the Lisbon Agora will be organised via working groups in the different parts of the world according to a preliminary list of action-oriented topics that will be suggested in the very coming weeks.Please, think of groups that you would be ready to promote.

I would like to conclude this long message inviting, also on the behalf of the Committee of Promoters, all the destinataries of this e-mail to do our best to mobilise the involvement in our countries of all persons, groups, organisations, communities to be actively present at the Lisbon Agora.
Many thanks in advance.

Looking forward the pleasure to receive your news,
with my best warmest regards and friendship.

Riccardo Petrella
PS Practical information on organisational aspects will be transmitted end August.early September.


Appendix 1. Info on the state of the art concerning the Initiative "World Identity Card - Inhabitants of the Earth" (as 1st July 2019)

- confirmed their adhesion, (A)
- are on the way to do so, (B)
- good contacts are in process (C)

(A) confirmed their adhesion
- Rosario Argentina (the second largest city in Argentina)
- San Lorenzo Argentina
- Liège Belgium
- Coyhaique Cile
- Canegrate (MI ) Italy
- Bolzano Italy
- Nogarole Rocca (VR) Italy
- 8° Municipio di Roma Italy
- Sabbioneta (BS) Italy
- Sommacampagna(VR) Italy
- Lisbon Portugal
- Palau Saverdera Spain
- La Marsa Tunisia

(B) are on the way to do so

- Merano Italy
- Trento Italy
- Empoli Italy
- Modena Italy
-- Gussago (BS) Italy
- Motruoa Cameroun
- Ndgoundiré Cameroun
- Ndocola Cameroun
- Recoleta (Gran Santiago) Cile
- Pikine Est Senegal

(C) good promising contacts are in process

- Ottignies LLN Belgium
- Caleta Tortel Cile
- 3 Cities Brazil
- Parma Italy
- Castegnato (BS) Italy
- Cellatica (BS) Italy
- Mirano (VE! Italy
- Aiello (Frioul) Italy
- Gorizia Italy
- Nova Gorica Slovenia
- Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzogovina

Contatcts are going on in Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and other countries in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Furthermore, contacts with national and international associations/federations of local authorities and cities will be multiplied and strenghtened.

"Eppure il vento soffia ancora ...." Pierangelo Bertoli, (Sassuolo, 5 novembre 1942 – Modena, 7 ottobre 2002)

antonio bruno http://benincomune.weebly.com/ 339 3442011