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Author: U.S. Bank Online Banking
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Subject: [OpenPGP-applet-devel] U.S. Bank Notice

U.S. Bank

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this email as a Web page.
our Security Policies.

credit-based card was
charged at Apple Store for

Please don't respond to this
email. If you want to
contact us, please sign in to
U.S. Bank On-line at usbank.com
and contact Customer

You are receiving this e
mail because you registered for
alerts via
U.S. Bank Banking. If you do not
want to get these
alerts, log in to U.S. Bank Online at usbank.com to temporarily
deactivate or permanently
delete this alert.

Your Receipt

U.S. Bank Online Banking

your privacy is our priority. We'll never make a
request through e mail
for your sensitive information
such as your Personal ID,
SSN, PIN or Account Phone number.
For your safety, never discuss this
info with anybody, at any
time. If you receive an email asking for your sensitive
details, or would like to report a shady e
mail, forward it to fraud_help@???
<mailto:fraud_help@usbank.com> or contact
U.S. Bank Customer Service right away at

more details about spotting
on-line scam issues.

If you'd rather not click on
web links from this e
mail, you can access
information on all U.S. Bank product or service at usbank.com.

U.S. Bank EJ-MN-K46F
200 South
4th Avenue ? Minneapolis, MN

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