[Infotropique] [announcement] libopenbsd-1 and openbsd-ed-6.…

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Author: Nils Gillmann
To: infotropique
Subject: [Infotropique] [announcement] libopenbsd-1 and openbsd-ed-6.3p1
I just released first rough but functional versions of ed and libopenbsd.
The way the releases are signed will in the future become irrelevant, and
release announcements (if I stick with this base) will be merged into larger
collections of release announcements.
This is directly for 'pkgs', infotropiqueOS base. If someone has improvements
for other Operating Systems beyond what's in the TODO, I'll accept patches
in mbox format, otherwise if the Makefiles are problematic take a look at
the way I have integrated them (for now) in the repository.