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Author: Nils Gillmann
To: infotropique
Subject: [Infotropique] update

I decided I need to step up the game (or: workflow) for myself a bit more:

Recently I've started getting closer to a more visible design of 0.9 and
infotropiqueOS in general. Because I need to test more towards the design I've
chosen, I will slow down my commit rate to Guix (and in guix.git).
I will upstream changes I make eventually, but for now I need to put
infotropiqueOS first for some features.
I will still try to avoid working directly on Guix codebase as long as
necessary, as this is not a fork.

I can't promise anything, but I try to make the design document public
around late summer / autumn 2018. This 0.9 Design will be the base for
version 1.0 of infotropiqueOS. On the way to 2.0 the design will get
changes and adjustments, resulting in the 1.9 design, and so on.

If all goes well and I have more time this year than I assume, an initial
prototype can be bootstrapped from a GuixSD base in winter 2018 / spring 2019.
But I don't work with deadlines when it's for free, so life might get in the
way and this very rough assumption is missed. For this first prototype
advanced Unix users should be able to figure things out and get it to work.
Later versions will work towards what I want, not requiring much knowledge
of the system at all etc. Experimental parts will remain, eventually stabilize
and some parts are simply research and/or made up while they are being designed
and written. Perfection is impossible to achieve, I'd rather be honest than
claiming the first stages are perfect. I have started putting structures in
place to prevent (or ease) sudden surprises like "Oh, this important package
I relied on moved (again)! Where did it disappear to?" etc.