[Infotropique] tiny steps towards an alpha

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Author: Nils Gillmann
To: infotropique
Subject: [Infotropique] tiny steps towards an alpha

I've started summarizing the design version 0.9. Once I've pushed this in
a preview and talked about it with some people I'm currently discussing
infotropiqueOS with, I'll apply some last fixes.

After this I'll adjust the repository setup and start working on first
versions of the software required.

There will be some of open questions, but the way towards a first alpha
has become more clear.

I'm really unhappy with the size of git (I think not even the fact that
guix uses guile-git changes this), I'm really considering CVS as an option.
This is a 600MB DAG (git) vs a 60 MB DAG (cvs).[0]
What's clear is that I will require OpenPG signed commits for the
software in the centralized repos. I might have to provide convenience
functions for setting up a key later on, but this is one of
Christian Grothoff's requirements for the central server. I won't really
use the gpg signed commits in practice, I have other software I build on
for the practical application.
So, git commits mandatory signed for everyone who will have push access.
Patches sent, so that people can review them and then be pushed by those
with push access can push them, can be unsigned.

There's some infrastructure problems I want to solve first (TLS, mail,
mailinglists,..), but after
all of the above is done it might be easier for you to understand it
and if you still want to, contribute.
I question that it will be easy, just easier. There's some applications
missing until it will be convenient to help or even set up the system in
general. Isolated from a useful whole, functional parts exist then and
can be worked on ;)

0: I might really consider switching to CVS, but so far git has strong arguments.