Re: [Infotropique] mrustc in guix

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Author: Nils Gillmann
To: Nils Gillmann via Infotropique
Subject: Re: [Infotropique] mrustc in guix
Nils Gillmann via Infotropique transcribed 1.0K bytes:
> Catonano via Infotropique transcribed 1.0K bytes:
> > hello people
> >
> > I just saw a patch introducing mrustc in guix
> >
> >
> Oh. Well. Damn.
> This is what happens when you sit on hundreds of patches. I'm still sorting
> them into a better layout. I had an mrustc somewhere I think but didn't consider
> it worth enough for submission due to testsuite - back then - requiring rustc.
> > I remember that this was a roadblock for Rust in Guix and Rust is needed in
> > order to have the secureshare thing in guix and hence in infotropique
> Well it's a future road pavement improvement, the work on mrustc in general,
> but not a current roadblocker. The current roadblockers are rust-build-system
> related. Beats me how this can be solved unless I'd spent some intensive days
> starring at rust so whoever solves the rustc-build-system in guix enables ~100
> patches I wrote back in december 2016 on one day.
> Anyways, every tiny steps forwards is a good one.
> > I think this is good news
> Yep, good news!

I've read the patch, it's very good news! Will review it tomorrow if there's still
need for it.
Thanks for the notice!