Re: [Infotropique] [announcement] pkg-config 6.2p1 release

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Author: Nils Gillmann
To: Nils Gillmann via Infotropique
Subject: Re: [Infotropique] [announcement] pkg-config 6.2p1 release
Nils Gillmann via Infotropique transcribed 2.5K bytes:
> Hi,
> Last year was rough.
> I'm slowly picking up pace in development at a speed that works out for me.
> I've been busy moving to a new server, the move is still not finished.
> Once it's finished, new mailinglists will appear there.
> I think I can open up more repositories for public view later this year
> when I have come up with a better layout or decided that the current
> layout is good enough for the package+repository manager that will co-exist
> with Guix. It's all accessible already, but in a state where I would need to
> explain more than I am willing to answer. Therefore I only display on the
> cgit what's okay for me.

I've changed my mind. They are accessible in the cgit now with a big disclaimer.
I won't answer questions at this state because the content is experimental.
I'd spent more time answering questions than experimenting with unpushed code.
What I run on my laptop(s) is basically what becomes infotropiqueOS. There's
juts lots of poking at Guix code going on at the moment, porting applications,
packaging applications, reading other project's codebase and thinking about
implementations for later.

> Because there's lots of experimentation involved here, I've started looking
> into replacing C-based pkg-config with perl-based pkg-config from OpenBSD.
> I still need to decide if I want it, properly look at differences and safety
> and all.
> Anyways, this is one of many ports I'm doing, yesterday night I made installing
> this pkg-config more convenient with a first release.
> I just added LICENSE file, README, GNUmakefile. Eventually the GNUmakefile should
> be replaced by something that works for more systems, right now the way it's written
> is an akward hack which works for the way I build it.
> This release is based on OpenBSD BASE 6.2, my version is 6.2p1.
> Improvements welcome as mailbox formated patches (git format-patch etc).
> https+http cloning is currently out of order as well as https access in general.
> is the repository, and
> is the release directory.
> The signify key can be found in (location will move) and
> the gpg signature can be checked against the key which can be found on the keyservers.
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