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Author: ng0
To: ng0 via Infotropique
Subject: Re: [Infotropique] update, 2
ng0 via Infotropique transcribed 4.5K bytes:
> Quiliro Ordonez Baca via Infotropique transcribed 2.0K bytes:
> > ng0 via Infotropique <infotropique@???> writes:
> > > I know it's not doing any good for comunication, but over the last 2 years we (that is:
> > > myself and dvn) have been communicating offlist and it's something I still prefer over
> > > mailinglists. So our interaction with this list is not so frequent.
> > >
> > > My plan is still to get to a working prototype within 2 years, which I hope will be
> > > enough given the time invested before making this public.
> > >
> > > The gist is: take my job, one of the 20 I'm doing. If you are interested, send me an
> > > offlist message. Even little things like maintaining the updates of the kernel will
> > > help. Heck, I haven't even be able to fix up my initial wip of the gnunet-service for
> > > shepherd/GuixSD.
> > >
> > > There's a good chance I'll finish the website in April, I have a month off there.
> >
> > Thank you very much for telling us about your schedule changes.

I mean, I still want to get this done, I'm still working on this, it's
just some kind of fatigue and some problems can't be solved when I'm
working on other problems. Besides the Guix and infotropqique OS related
work, which is mostly packaging + experimenting with design ideas right now,
I have university which should take up more time than I have dedicated to it
the last semester. There's also a couple of books I'm reading.
I have almost given up on this due to the amount of existing resources to read through,
but at some point I started researching into low-latency Onionrouting for GNUnet.
I'm porting httpd of OpenBSD to GNU userland. Playing and writing music.
Time for friends (most important of all). Fixing up anonbib. etc etc.
Paying bills, so getting a job in addition to the volunteering things.

So I figured I need to slow it down a bit. As for the OS, there's nothing to
test at the moment as until recently almost everything went straight to Guix.
I now have some first packages outside of Guix which were added quiet recently
and are still early stages. They end up in fixed locations which are defined in
the guile load path and the guix package path. There's no webinterface which exposes
them, as I was busy with moving servers. It's just plain git-daemon now.
I'll write something about it in the text for the website.
It wouldn't be good to point to the repositories. Yes, they are mostly stable, but
it needs some more notes on their purpose, usage, etc.
So the website right now is the problem.

Unless you're okay with just delaying the work on the website and I'll post a
very long email here?
The website is just a collection of texts representing the current state of
the ideas and design. A good part of this is in a state which will change.
I'm okay with making up most of this while I go, and through the exchange and dialogue
with other people and projects the state adjusts.

For example the 'pkgs' and 'ports' repositories give you an idea of how packages and
"community maintained packages / half-official additions" will be handled. While I'm
still waiting for the outcome of the "Guix Channels", this is something loosely
inspired by the FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Gentoo ports/packages system. This portion of
the system is very recent. I don't have any code at the moment handling the updates
of it, I'm still moving the location around and trying to adjust for multiple locations
(like namespaces) before I write a small shell script (which can later be replaced by
a Guile script) for "update", "add" etc commands.
I'm putting the OS first, content on top of other Operating Systems can either
be adjusted by people interested in this or be dealt with later.

Then I have about 4 or 5 more repositories[*] which are concerned with the templating,
services, artwork, and flavors.

[*] I could point you to a listing, but gitolite doesn't like anonymous listings

One could say I know what it should look like, but I need to bend it in shape
to express it. Defined small roadmap goals will help others to help, as "fix this
and that in Guix" obviously is not very motivating or useful.

> > I agree you must think about health and getting your degree.
> >
> > I sincerely want to contribute and learn enough to contribute where I am
> > not able to right now. Nevertheless, contributing for me has been very
> > dificult for 2 reasons:
> > - It is very dificult for me to find the information I need to get
> > competence on the subject I would like to contribute.
> Can you tell me more about the problems you have? Maybe I can help
> to get you started.
> > - I do not see interaction on this list as much as I would like.
> Why is this a problem? The lack of interaction in my opinion is caused by:
> * it is primarily myself working on everything
> * dvn and myself started without a mailinglist, and we like to communicate
> offlist. we've started to fix this.
> * getting the website up to date with information means time to invest.
> the knowledge to fix the content is just something that dvn and myself
> have as we discussed the changes and ideas leading up to this. I hope
> to get this done in April. It seems to me as if dvn and myself don't
> have very much time at the moment.
> So, this is a big blocker to inform about the project and to get people
> interested.
> Also there's some texts which need to be done right, justifications/explanations
> for some differences to GuixSD. I expect some people will not understand or
> sympathize with a redistribution of GuixSD with enabled access to linux as a
> kernel instead of linux-libre (and other software distributions which differ)
> etc, but there are good reasons not to wave the GNU flag in this case.
> > Is there a way I can help solve these problems?
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