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Author: ng0
To: infotropique
Subject: Re: [Infotropique] fusuma
On Fri, 09 Feb 2018, Catonano <catonano@???> wrote:
> 2018-02-06 21:17 GMT+01:00 ng0 via Infotropique <infotropique@???>
> :
>> I seem to have misplaced one of my logins. So what would be of
>> little to no use in a document and more use in an issue tracker
>> will be placed here:
>> I just found out about and
>> I'm more interested in fusuma.
>> As we're about providing good defaults and things people will
>> expect, fusuma seems like the kind of application we want.
>> Would anyone give packaging and upstreaming it to Guix a try?
> In this moment I am very busy
> I'd rather let someone else attempt this
> Of course I remain open. If someone maybe opens a git repo with their
> efforts, I could follow and take a look
> Please bear with me


I'm currently setting up my new server, this time with
gitolite. You could send me your ssh pubkey in a reliable way
(best: gpg signed) and I'll soon add an repository for
collaborative WIP packaging? It will be like most of my other
small repositories intended to be used for GUX_PACKAGE_PATH, not
a complete Guix. I find this the quickest way to hack on Guix if
it only involves packages.
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