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Author: ng0
To: pragmatique
Subject: Re: [pragmatique] website updates
ng0 transcribed 1.2K bytes:
> I was told the website and described intention of pragmatique
> is too obscure.
> I'm currently changing that.
> What's left to do is:
> - explain the history and how it came to be, some background
> about the project it originates from

Done, in

> - beyond pragmaOS: give a preview on the 'associated projects'
> which are planned and worked on

A first try can be seen on

> - fix the 'get involved' pages, explain how to work on each of
> these tasks

I fixed some minor details here, but the real fix should be working
on these gitlab exports I made to notabug. This will be resolved
later this week.

> - document the structure I'd like to see (at the moment it is
> really just dvn and myself, but I have some ideas about
> maintainers, contributors, stakeholders, the whole
> organization model
> at some point I would like to use multilingual layouts, which
> is where this will switch from smu (simple markdown) to prep.
> I might've forgotten a point.

Indeed, but nothing visible:

Move from the smu+make based system (an altered variant of
to the smu+make+Guix (yes, the website is then a part of the /gnu/store/)
build system I am currently developing.

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