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Author: Catonano
To: pragmatique
New-Topics: [pragmatique] GNUnet-texinfo (Re: GNUnet)
Subject: Re: [pragmatique] GNUnet
2017-05-13 10:42 GMT+02:00 ng0 <ng0@???>:

> Hi,
> Catonano transcribed 1.9K bytes:
> > 2017-05-12 16:59 GMT+02:00 Catonano <catonano@???>:
> >
> > > What is it, exactly, that needs to be done to the GNUnet
> documentation/web
> > > site ?
> > >
> > > On the Guix irc channel you mentioned that there's some large task to
> be
> > > completed with GNUnet docs
> > >
> > > What task is that ?
> > >
> >
> > Ok, I was missing this
> >
> > _______________________________________________
> > pragmatique mailing list
> > pragmatique@???
> >
> Almost, the upstream is at,
> the git at this side is just a copy.
> We can work on either side, or completely without servers as git was
> meant to be decentralized.
> The basic task is: GNUnet documentation was exported from the books
> in Drupal to texinfo. This includes lots of errors, this is normal for
> exports. The idea Christian had is to include the documentation offline,
> online and in multiple formats. PDF conversion no longer throws fatal
> errors, html conversion does.
> There used to be images, I want them with alt-text in html exports and
> however this works in pdf.
> I wanted to work texts today, moving my music production day to sunday
> this week, so I will upload a better description of this task today,
> so far there are just offlist emails of Christian and myself.

I have some naive questions

I tried to build the html target

1. there are some lines like this
./installation.texi:1157: Node `Update' previously defined (in
./installation.texi l. 791)
is this an error ?
2. There are lines like this
./installation.texi:1: warning: Node following `GNUnet Installation
Handbook' in menu `Using GNUnet' and in sectioning `Dependencies' differ
I'm not sure what this is talking about
I don't understand what the error is and how I am supposed to fix it
An example (suitable for a 4 years old) would be appreciated.
If you show me the way for one of these warnings, I can infer the
solutions for all of them
3. some lines have garbled characters, like this
./installation.texi:22: warning: nodo «Dependencies» non referenziato
Is there a character encoding issue ? Can I do anything about this ?

Thanks in advance