[pragmatique] bugtracker update, milestones, and more

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Author: ng0
To: pragmatique
Subject: [pragmatique] bugtracker update, milestones, and more

I've added more issues here:

and milestones here:

to give you a first overview.

I still need to update the descriptions of some of these
copy and paste imports, mainly the ones with the longer
descriptions as some of them are no longer fitting.

This month I am busy mainly with:

- getting the gnunet-service to work,
- private stuff unrelated to free software.

In between I hope to fill in the gaps which still exist
on the new website.

I'll also mark some of the issues as "low hanging fruit" where
applicable. The milestones are mostly random except for the
fact that they form groups of priorities and some of them,
like 1.0.0, will really require a long time work on things.

I'd rather hack on the gnunet-fs related tasks, so if anyone
wants to drop in and pick up other tasks or finish ones I have,
feel free to do so. I have lots of packages which are simply
on hold because they require debugging or final fixes.
PGP: https://people.pragmatique.xyz/ng0/