[pragmatique] update on some topic points

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Author: ng0
To: pragmatique
Subject: [pragmatique] update on some topic points

this mostly continues / appends to an offlist conversation I had,
with some further conclusion in our (left-space, hackerspace)
plenum I got.

legal entity, delayed decission. some news on website,
translation is now a subproject and a new website structure
will be deployed pretty soon. New website will explain more
things which are unclear right now. Community structure
almost done.
___end TL;DR.

So, Germany and legal entities is a hell hole, seriously.
In the last 2 weeks I've incrementally refreshed my memory
on that topic and it's a pain.
I'm not going to waste anymore time with that, for now.
My preferences would be eingetragener Verein / registered association,
but it's best to get professional advice on that topic again as soon
as the project is there.
Right now it is nice to plan ahead and it's always nice to learn
things you'd otherwise ignore to some degree, but that's all.
That's the update on the topic "legal entity". TL;DR: "Here comes the pain!"

Topic point "website update":
I'm discussing with my whiteboard and myself about the best
way to achieve multilingual web sites. This is a cross-projects
effort (and issue), but for now I've decided: Pick Wordpress or Drupal
for the "landing page" and where the news post will appear,
pick MediaWiki for the rest of the content. Problem solved.
Well, actually not really solved: The issue continues to exists,
and it's now a subproject of our project with low priority.

I have a tendency to try and build systems which ensure that the
possibility to point out flaws in the design is very close to 0 percent.
It's in my personality, and while it's useful to come up with a
framework and space for a community I'd like to see to grow around
the project for those who are interested, it takes times.
Part of the reason why I opened this up was because I realized my own
limits and boundaries. I took a break from working on system services
and basically almost everything you can see on the roadmap for pragmaOS,
the first long almost-break in 3 years. Well deserved, well earned and
As it is the usual case for project *starters* I will continue to work
on this and am currently the only active contributor jumping back and forth
between several volunteer projects and jobs.
Currently I don't have a fulltime job or study, university starts
around September.
The new website, to be finished hopefully by the end of next month,
will outline the vision and goals I have better than the current one.
For the software tasks, it's mostly what you call "low hanging fruits"
as I worked on most of these tasks to some extent.
Contributions of hacking on the code help to make the un-deadline become
maybe 2018 instead of 2019 or 2020 for ALL the roadmap features including
the ones which are not documented.

Do you have questions on how to get started before I have fixed up
the new web presentation? Need mentoring on Guix related packaging
or anything like that? I'm not a Guile programmer by trade, I just
fell into this rabbithole in december 2015 and it worked so well
without being able to explain every "why" and "what" of the language
itself. In general I learn by doing, though expections exist and occasionally
I learn by "sudo make total destroy".

So what's this long message about? I have the good ability to reflect
on my work and goals every few weeks and see where I am right now.
Currently it is just me (okay, dvn is doing some really important server
administration / setup jobs, for secushare and pragmatique) with the declared
goal to reach more people.
Obviously you just get there by simply working. There are tasks where I'm terribly
stuck and required some pause.
Interested to learn more? Ask. Want to get involved? Don't just read the linked
whitepapers but ask. Well, they are what got me into GNUnet and Guix in the first place
so there is some use to them.

Anyways, I'm mostly set up for the ideal community foundation I wanted, I'm waiting
on the setup of the pagure instance, all expenses will be paid by myself
until enough traction is there to bother me enough to look into legal entity hell again.

Around middle of July I hope everything is set up: Maintainer model explained, RFC
procedure explained, goals and mission of pragmaOS and more importantly pragmatique
explained, rough scratch of future ideas while not being too explicit about them
for obvious reasons, improved website, documented design decisions, documented concerns,
documented how pragmatique vision+goals+idea fits into the whole
mumbling of "non-software and software" I am going on about,
and hopefully I can take enough time to prepare a talk for this years CCC congress
and some following conferences.

And last but not least: Thanks to all the support and interest in
the short time after I've announced this meta project / group.
Every support, be it vocal or through donations at patreon or flattr,
is highly appreciated and if we happen to bump into each other
at a conference, remind me to buy you a Mate or tea or something,
or just have a chat.

I have big ideas and everything big which should continue to
exist beyond the life of its creator/starter must grow first.

pragmatique. More like a couple.. It's not a group yet, but we're getting there.
Thanks for your attention,
PGP and more: https://people.pragmatique.xyz/ng0/