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Author: ng0
To: pragmatique
Subject: Re: [pragmatique] is down?
Louis Pearson transcribed 1.5K bytes:
> I am not sure if this the right place to post this, but I can't connect to
> from any of the links on the website (IRC or Psycc). I'm really interested
> in this
> project, but when I see dead links like that it usually sets off alarm
> bells in my head.
> The papers I've read so far are great though, so I'm putting those thoughts
> aside for
> the moment
> :)

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> pragmatique mailing list
> pragmatique@???

Hi Louis,

thanks :)

Well the shared psyced server, which these days is only,
sometimes gets under attack by people or organizations for whatever
When this happens it is mostly just the domain and its onion
service. There is a fallback onion, but I'm not sure if that's intended
for public use.
Running on the same dedicated server is and that's
not failing, so we have to wait until lynX (the admin) is back.

We are not very active in the chat room, so mailinglist for
communication is maybe better.
I'm currently coming to an end with some of the starting tasks, and I
also realized that the complete intention of the project isn't super
clear by the current form of presentation.
So the website will be reworked, and in other good news I've made some
progress with which
collects thoughts on the translation status of the websites of Guix,
Guile, and pragmatique, and how to solve them.
PGP and more: