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Author: ng0
To: pragmatique
Subject: Re: [pragmatique] status update 2017-04-12
Hi, corretions.

I'll also put most of the decisions into rfcs once it's all worked out.

ng0 transcribed 3.8K bytes:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm still mostly on a coding hiatus for I need to do this crazy thing
> which you'd consider starting a company if it was for-profit.
> But it isn't for-profit.
> I believe and understand alternatives are possible, and currently I'm:
> - looking into _sane_ maintainer models of companies or groups which
>   have been around long enough, and evaluating them.
> - looking into possible non-profit organization models we could choose
>   and document them. Evaluate based on the country. The goal is to:
>   - support the vision and work. support the infrastructure.
>     pay fair wages to fulltime or otherwise contract involved people
>     later on. other stuff. The bottom line is work for the public.

I'm doing much work at the same time currently. I messed up.
The basic idea was that I learn about collective, syndicate and how they
can be legally applied in Germany. Then there is the concern about
donations, etc. I don't necessarily want the textbook definition of
non-profit: Working for fair wages without getting attached to
problematic funding models (spying on users and invading their privacy
is off the table), while being able to receive donations + funding for
civic tech work etc. All while I am currently living in Germany (where
odd restrictions might or might not apply).

> - improve the website:
>   - A _good_ landing page should lead to subprojects:
>     - the idea of how I want to implement the translation for websites
>       should be documented

> - Implement a way where changes are handled via rfc (like in rustlang)
> - Document some design decisions which are right now only on paper and
> private email exchanges.
> - document the non-software visions and how it all interconnects. This
> is very important, as I don't want this to be only about software, the
> very first decision which brought me on this path was the combination
> of activism, politics, technology, etc and how it can be combined or
> worked on side by side in conclusion with each other.
> - document the future visions, though not too clear as we
> operate within a space with competion (though no one has come up with
> similar ideas as I'm aware)
> - setting up a mailserver again (I'm currently waiting for some changes in
> Guix upstream for this to get more easy to handle).
> - split up the current power structure (see point "maintainer"). As an
>   anarchist I don't feel comfortable with the orthodox definition of
>   maintainer.
>   My idea is to be the name to blame, talk to ..
>   Organize groups as soon as it's possible.
> - which leads to:
>   - diverge work. this is now and available. I'm currently handling many
>     jobs in one person and there are 5 months left until I am forced to
>     slow down (due to university starting. Even though I see a good
>     future in this project I want to have a formal degree on paper as it
>     helps, working in Germany).

> - and more
> It's massive, it's big. Yep.
> There are really easy to get into software tasks, if you are not sure how and
> where to start just ask.
> I'm happy about any interested volunteer.
> I plan to prepare some talks for conferences, CCC congress etc, when all
> is relatively finalized and structured etc.
> I have also asked to join the Secure OS meeting which will happen this year.
> Thanks,
> ng0
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