[pragmatique] RFC: contributor tools/additions

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Author: ng0
To: pragmatique
Subject: [pragmatique] RFC: contributor tools/additions

My idea, and what I have been personally using for a while now, is the
following for git repositories:

There is the git-privacy bash script two people came up with, it hides
the metadata of your working and resting times which would normaly be
reflected in git logs (which can be processed by tools of integrated
solutions such as gitlab to display them).
This just adds a second to the previous commit, and if it's an empty
repository it starts in 1984-04-01.
I will make it available as soon as I have figured out the best way to
make most of my script collection available.

Moving further on with metadata reduction: Email addresses.
If you decide to contribute to pragmatique and one of its subprojects,
you may use the yourname@??? for the name+email
couple in git.
This has been communicated with Guix (offlist) and it is okay to
contribute with this to Guix aswell as long as you are a project
The point of contact in this case is our email list.
Eventually later this year these false email addresses can resolve once
I have an email server set up.
PGP and more: https://people.pragmatique.xyz/ng0/