[Cm-firenze] What if you were only .00005% successful

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Author: fromoctoroc
To: cm-firenze
Subject: [Cm-firenze] What if you were only .00005% successful
In baseball, if you get a hit 30% of the time you're an All-Star.
In online direct marketing, if you convert 1% of your visitors - you can make big money.
But what if you only had to convert .0000005% to be successful?
What if you only needed 3 people out of 600 million prospects to get into profit?

When you join AllXClub, we put the odds in your favor!

600 million prospects and you only need 3 enrollments to be in profit.
Pretty good odds, huh?
And you don't even have to talk with your friends and neighbors (unless you want to).

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