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Author: jeff
CC: blag-noise, linux-libre, blag-devel
Subject: Re: [blag-noise] [blag-devel] kernel-libre- freed-ora/F-9-detesting
r7 wrote:
> as a blag 90001 user, i'm happy using:
> [root@box ~]# rpm -q kernel-libre
> kernel-libre-
> [root@box ~]#
> i queried in #blag why when you seeming to be throwing loads of new
> kernels into the repos, i don't seem to be getting a new kernel-libre
> every one in a while. i'm up-to-date according to this:
> so i thought i'd try and help by trying the last one in testing, but
> nothing here:
> i note today's offering for example.
> Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>> i686/kernel-libre-
>> [snip]
>> will soon land in freed-ora/F-9-detesting.
> so what's the difference, which i'm obviously missing, between testing
> and detesting? is it the same as pretesting, or detestable [hateful],
> out of testing? you see my point.

/F-9/            <--- tracks fedora-updates releases
/F-9-testing/    <--- tracks fedora testing releases (often empty)
/F-9-detesting/  <--- Software from teh future

"detesting" (i think it's a play on "of testing" in spanish/portuguese), has
the future builds. For example, the kernel -stable team releases;
Fedora may or may not build for this, but Alexandre builds for it anyway, as
soon as possible. So we get the *very* latest kernels, even ahead of Fedora.
(As a side note, -destesting is what I am using for the base of the kernels i'm
doing for FREEEEE).

The kernels that automagickally get put into the BLAG 90k repo are the kernels
that arrive in /F-9/. That is currently: kernel-libre-

In sum, you can just `yum update` with the stock configuration, and you'll get
the latest kernel-libre package tracking fedora's. You can take -testing
kernels for a spin if you want. But if you want the very very very latest, grab
from F-9-detesting. :)

-Jeff, hoping my first email of the day, sans glasses, makes sense.