sf-active site, hubproject.org needs some work,was: Re: [Hub…

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Author: bruno@indymedia.be
Subject: sf-active site, hubproject.org needs some work,was: Re: [Hub] Some reflections about this list
hubproject.org is running on v0.9.4, the latest release of sf-active.
sf-active coders are pretty close to releasing v1.0 (will come out in a
month/two months ?). i'd like to help, but am short of time to invest a
lot of time in it (we're working on a new belgium site.) if you have
small stuff that needs to be done, i'll be glad to help out.


Peter van Heusden wrote:

> Does anyone know what version of sf-active is being used? I'm an admin
> for an indymedia sf-active site (sa.indymedia.org), so I know a bit
> about the software.
> Peter
> cc wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have coied this email to the list for the techies that
>> run the server this site is on...
>> I have never worked on a sf-active site so I would't know
>> where to begin to put it back together, I expect that the
>> templates and css are *somewhere* and it's just a matter
>> of someone who knows what they are doing spending some
>> time on it...
>> Chris
>> On Mon 31-Jan-2005 at 11:50:59PM +0100, alien8 wrote:
>>> hubproject.org
>>> in autumn the site was affected by the indymedia server
>>> seizure. at the moment, the situation seems to be this:
>>> the content seems to be there and the newswire seems to
>>> work, but the stylesheets, the categories and the
>>> background sections seem to have gone. or they are still
>>> there somewhere and just need to be put back in. i was
>>> going to look into this but i was too busy to do it...
>>> we ... need to "re-build" the site first. are there any
>>> volunteers for that?
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