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Author: Pablo Ortellado
Subject: [Hub] World Social Forum Information
Please forward this to your local indymedia collective.

Dear Indymedia network,

This is an email from IMC São Paulo (Brazil) containing information
about the 5th World Social Forum (WSF) to be held in Porto Alegre, from
January 26 to 31. We are organizing a space for indymedia there and we
are planning some meetings to discuss network issues. Below is
information about both the WSF and Indymedia space and activities.

WSF registrations:
Registration for individuals were reopened and can be made until
December 31. You can do it here:
Registration for organizations is closed.

Press registrations for WSF:
Press registrations can be done here:
Registration deadline is January 15. We recommend that each local IMC
collective do the registration for all its volunteers.

Hotels' reservations are nearly impossible at this time, but you could
try with a local travel agency. Due to demand, prices are very high for
local standards.
You can still stay at the Youth Camp. You should bring a tent and a
sleeping bag. The tax for staying at the camp varies from R$ 12 (about
US$ 4) for people from non-developed countries to R$ 30 (about US$ 10)
for people from developed countries (there's a list in the website), and
it should be paid during registration in Porto Alegre.
More info can be found here:
And here:
Registrations can be done here (so far, Portuguese only):
There is also an alternative/ solidarity accommodation, where people can
stay in different places offered to groups or individuals. Prices range
from R$ 10 to R$ 20 (US$ 4 to US$ 7) per day per person or might be
free, depending on who's offering. More info can be found here:

The food is usually not expensive, but you might need local advice for
finding vegetarian food. Vegan/ Vegetarian meals will be sold at the
Youth Camp.

Indymedia infra-structure:
IMC São Paulo is hosting a space for the Indymedia network. It's a room
within a broader space near the Youth Camp called "Shared Knowledge
Dock" (Galpão dos Conhecimentos Compartilhados). This space should
congregate different collectives working with free software, free radio
and alternative media and it will have a room within it for the
Indymedia network. This room should have space for 30-40 computers with
Internet connection.
Aside this space, there is the World Social Forum Press Room, opened to
all press with press credentials.
More information:

IMC gathering:
We are planning an IMC meeting at our space. We will have a meeting at
the very first day to set a schedule.
There's an email list to coordinate Indymedia activities at the WSF 2005
in Porto Alegre. You can subscribe to it here:

WSF activities:
The full list of WSF activities will be available at the official WSF
This year, the WSF will not have "central" activities, so things will be
really descentralized and will occur all over the city.

WSF alternative activities:
Autonomous groups are planning some alternative activities - some sort
of within, some outside the WSF.
The Caracol Intergalactika group is planning several different
activities with autonomous groups at the borders of the Youth Camp.
Issues should range from Basic Income to Free Software and should happen
all day during the WSF. They have a discussion list that you can
subscribe to:
The Anarchist Gaucho Federation (FAG) is planning the 3rd Anarchist
Journeys with activities debating anarchism from January 27 to 30 at 7
PM. Activities will take place at the Sindiágua union at Travessa
Leonardo Truda, 15° andar. For further information contact FAG at

We hope this summary is helpful to you.


IMC São Paulo