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Author: Zapata
Subject: [Hub] Fw: Message from Naomi Klein: THE TAKE UK premiere
Message from Naomi Klein: THE TAKE UK premiere\

Dear London friends, and others who might be in London this coming week,

I'm writing to let you know that THE TAKE, the film Avi Lewis and I have been working on for the past two years is finally finished and will have its UK premiere at...



First of all, I know that it's at exactly the same time as the big demo of the ESF - it was actually scheduled long before the march was, and the time can't be changed.

But if for any reason you're not planning to go to the march, we hope you'll take in our film - you'll still have time to hit the streets after!

"The Take" <http://www.thetake.org> is the result of a collaboration between
a remarkable international team of activists and filmmakers, including London's own John Jordan. The film is our small way of beginning to answer the question: "We know what you are against, but what are you for?"

We spent eight months in Argentina documenting the new movement of worker-controlled companies with the slogan: "Occupy, Resist, Produce."

In "The Take," we follow one group of workers through this entire process,
from the day they takeover their plant, to the day they start up production.
The result is a very human, emotional story, not only about how an economy
can change, but about how people can change as well.

The London launch of "The Take" is the film's first public showing in England.

We've showed it on an occupied beach in Italy, in a pulp and paper mill town on the north tip of Vancouver Island, and in Buenos Aires, where we had a memorable "workers premiere" projected onto the side of the Brukman factory, with all the workers who star in the film filling the street. At the other end of the cultural spectrum, "The Take" was part of the official selection of the Venice Film Festival (Biennale), where the working class heroes of the film had to compete with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman for attention (they held their own!)

We haven't yet had a distribution offer in the UK, but a number of distributors are going to see it at the Curzon Soho, and if we have an exuberant screening in a full theatre (despite the brutal timing with the march!) The Take will be much more likely to come out in England soon.

There are plenty of people in the film industry who are convinced that a film like ours can't succeed in theatres: it's a documentary about workers who speak Spanish, it challenges some sacred principles about private property, and it's not about George Bush (at least not directly.) We are convinced that they are wrong: "The Take" is a place to go after seeing "Fahrenheit 911" and "The Corporation" -- when you are tired of being enraged and are ready to fight back. We made the film as wars raged in Afghanistan and Iraq because we believed this ray of hope was needed amidst the terror and destruction, and now we want to share it with as many people as possible.

So please help us pack this screening. Already, activist communities in New York
City, where the film played for two weeks, rallied behind the film, seeing it not just as entertainment or education, but as a potent organizing tool: several union locals took their members and sponsored screenings; grassroots activist organizations bought blocks of tickets; and several progressive professors and incorporated "The Take" into their Fall curriculum and took their classes to matinees.

If this screening goes well, we'll let you know when it launches in England and other European countries.

But most of all I just hope that you can come and that you enjoy the film.

Thanks in advance for helping to make our theatrical premiere a success!


Naomi Klein
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