[Dna-dev] RNA-0.2-w03 soon available

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Author: Tx0
Subject: [Dna-dev] RNA-0.2-w03 soon available
It's 0:56, best time for coding. ;)

I'm working on some new classes inside RNA, like RNA::DNS::Repository
(which transparently fetch data from both cache and DNA SQL database),
and RNA::DNS::PacketLab, which is a synth facility for DNS packet
(something like: hey doc, synth me sequence for 'www.autistici.org:IN:A'
and the doctor starts cuttin'n'pastin DNS fragments :) which will be
used by RNA::DNS module for response packets creation.

All this buzzwords to say that may be in less than one day RNA-0.2-w03
will be out.
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