[Dna-dev] DNA step 2

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Author: gipoco
Subject: [Dna-dev] DNA step 2
> > Il link attuale è http://www.autistici.org/DNA/_download/dwl/dnad/
> > e http://www.autistici.org/DNA/_download/dwl/dna/
> ooops... non ho rimesso i sorgenti downloadabili nella nuova versione
> del sito...
> ora provvedo.
> cmq. leggi mail successiva :)))

I think we coud speak in english because I remember that
in this list sombody don't understand Italian very well
A little pain that can be very usefull!!

Free kisses, GiPOCO :D**

P.S. I'm sorry 4 my english and 4 the fact that I always
break the balls to everybody ;-)