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Author: odo
Subject: [Fastload] freeswan 2
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Opportunistic Encryption of IP traffic: FreeS/WAN 2.0
Russ Nelson writes "Since 1996, John Gilmore has dreamed of an Internet where all traffic
between cooperating sites is encrypted. He has supported the FreeS/WAN project which uses
IPSEC to encrypt IP traffic on an opportunistic encrypting basis. The team has released Linux
FreeS/WAN 2.00, their first release optimized for Opportunistic Encryption (OE). After
installation, ZERO host configuration is required for OE! A Linux box running 2.00 will
encrypt all IP packets to other OE capable boxes whenever possible, provided you publish a
key and IPsec gateway information in DNS." Nice.

c'e' da capire se non c'e' gia' dentro una backdoor, come quella che Cisco ha annunciato
nel suo prossimo upgrade.