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Author: Pancake
Subject: [Dna-dev] hizz
Hello, I am from Catalunya..well I will try to talk in english because I
didn't know Italian language :// sniff sniff .

Well. I have problems trying to add a new host to the domain, the server
answer me that the password or the IP aren't correct. And both of them
are good.

I hope you could help me...because we didn't want to pay any domain, we
didn't want to give our personal data to nobody...


PD: I hope to go to the italian hackmeeting this year :) with the
barcelona hacklab :)

Salut i lluita companys!!

* Visca l'acci? directa! contra qualsevol *
* aborregament de masses, tant pol?tic, *
* religi?s, esportiu, social o musical!! *